Beauty Tips

Makeup expiration dates:
Mascara- every 3months. Since it’s a liquid it is more prone to bacteria and you dont eant that any where near your eyes.
Pencil eyeliner- 2years sharpen pencils after each use to keep them fresh and dip or spray them with alcohol. Dont forget to clean you pencil sharpener too.
Lip gloss/lipstick- 12 months if it starts to separate then replace sooner.
Powder, Blush, Eyeshadow – these can last a few years with proper care, wipe off with a Kleenex after each use and using clean brushes.
Liquid and cream foundation- 6months to a year
or if you notice it is starting to seperate.
Potted makeup such as paint pot or gel liners- a couple of months since it can easily trap bacteria deep inside.
Unopened makeup- It really depends, where it is being stored which should be in a cool dry drawer or cabinet. If the ingredients of the makeup if they contain safe preservatives. Fyi organic and natural products probably dont have the extra preservatives so you probably want to throw those out ASAP.
Bottom line when it doubt throw it out.
Exfoliate and hydrating your skin is a  must!!
Try incorporating these 5 things in your daily routine to give yourself the best skin.
1. Drink more water
2. Moisturize your skin ( Your skin NEEDS to be hydrated just like our bodies needs water)
3. Minimize your dairy intake.
4.  Use the cleanser that does not have alcohol as an ingredient ( It’s very drying to your skin)
5. REST !!